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boeing 747 inside upstairs

I had never flown in row 1 of a 747 either, so the temptation was high, but I wanted to fly upstairs. Behind me is the galley. I’m more excited flying than going to my destination the Palawan Islands.. lol and I’m a avid flyer . I was hoping a easier on the neck window seat … oh well my whiplash will need painkillers. You know I heard that you could see the curvature of the plane from row one, on the main deck, but I didn’t really see that. Airbus and Boeing have begun selling "VIP" versions of their airliners under the Airbus Corporate Jet and Boeing Business Jet brands. How time has changed. Good for short private talks or just simply to stretch out during a long flight. Chris Chamberlin is the Associate Editor of Executive Traveller, and lives by the motto that a journey of a thousand miles begins not just with a single step, but also a strong latte, a theatre ticket, and later in the day, a good gin and tonic. Sandra Waters said: “In 1977 I flew to Toronto with the Vincent Owners Club (my sister and husband were members) and we had the whole of the upstairs! This is really how the upper deck feels. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience on the Upper deck of the 747 and your flight as a whole. While most of these planes are based on smaller Airbus A320 series or Boeing 737 models, one recent VIP conversion took luxury to a new level. When it came to the Boeing 747-300, the upper deck was stretched again by 23.4 feet (7.11 m) compared to the earlier Boeing 747-200. Step back in time to the early 1970s when the Boeing 747 first took to the skies, heralding a short-lived era of luxury air travel on board the Queen of the Skies. Better and faster service and a lot quieter. Forget that pre-flight visit to the Qantas First Lounge – after take-off, you could instead enjoy an exclusive atmosphere in what was the Captain Cook Lounge on the Boeing 747's upper deck: Guests could simply grab a newspaper or magazine and make themselves comfortable... ... or ditch the reading material in favour of fine wines and a little conversation: While Qantas again provides a small inflight lounge and meeting area on today's Airbus A380s, it's not quite the upper deck of the '70s. What do u recommend for inflatable for neck rest? The ultimate flight experience though was told to me by my then MD who flew the Pan Am flight between JFK - LON where there was a piano in the upstairs bar for 1st class passengers. Picture: Grahame Larter. Side bins on the upper deck between the economy seat and the window. Lufthansa's Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental. I too always wondered what it was like to ride “on top”, and this piece helped me understand just a little bit more. These days they use the 777-300ER on the route and while Premium Economy is more cramped in the new configuration they have terrific pods in Business Class with flat beds. I keep hoping the 747-8 will find more commercial takers, truly love the Queen of the Skies! Length: 231ft 10in. American Airlines also included the 'Piano Bar' on their LuxuryLiner DC10-30's and this was, similar to Continental's Pub zone, also open to all classes .. being located in the rear economy zone. A few things stacked against them at the time – high fuel prices, incumbents (Cathay) that loaded up capacity with triple daily flights to Vancouver, and I surmise an ownership couple that were a little too hands on. Although the price is the same for a middle seat in the back of the main deck, an upper deck seat is really much more like an “economy plus,” option one might find on a domestic airline. Pan  Am   really  went   downhill   and   turned  into   a   terrible   airline! When the jumbo jet was first introduced, the upper section was a lounge for premium passengers. There is a practical reason to put the cockpit up here they they might they were gonna convert some of these cargo quiet until they needed the cockpit of that it has. The Most Beautiful Aircraft in the World. Pan Am's chairman Juan Trippe had a flying ocean liner in mind, a double-decker jet. It is often called the Jumbo Jet or Queen of the Skies.The Boeing 747 is one of the easiest planes in the world to recognise. I specifically wanted to do this flight. Today's flat bed business class (especially those of Singapore Airlines) beats the "first class" of the 1970-s. Inside the master bedroom of a Boeing Business Jet 747-8i. If you really stretch, you can see the wing and an engine. I think I might have had my hopes up that being on the upper deck was going to be some huge magical experience. Another bonus is being able to lean my head against the wall for support and this is typically how I rest. Signing up with Executive Traveller only takes a second and lets you He has been quoted and written for a number of news organizations, including BBC, CNN, NBC News, Bloomberg, and others. The world's first Boeing 747 set the trend for what was to come, with Pan Am turning the jumbo's entire upper deck into a 'restaurant in the sky' for its first class passengers: Travellers could share the experience with up to three companions... ... or could make new acquaintances and discuss the issues of the day. It is in the nose downstairs which, to be honest, makes more sense if you want individual, private seats. I'm an extrovert and a social butterfly, but I just love the almost complete seclusion of a long flight where I can have absolutely minimal interaction with other people! Sadly the A380 and 747 have been discontinued and we will see a lot less of them as passenger jets. I guess it’s an Avgeek thing, to appreciate the little things like viewing the wingtips and beacon from the window, or the increasing curvature of the interior as you get higher. There are things that even non-AvGeeks can get excited about. Another down side is that there was a gap between the inner and outer windows of about 6″. This article really speaks to me, for some reason. The upstairs bubble of the Boeing 747 8 Intercontinental. It’s sad to see the “Queen of the skies” go. Enjoyed your post on the 747. It will be interesting to see how VA's new bar stacks up - the promo images are certainly promising. We loved Eva Air 747 upper deck. The extremely wide staircase between the decks could be narrowed, with perhaps a relocation of the CSMs office on the other side, could result in a very usable space for a decent J/F lounge or bar. Both in economy and in business, EVA Air did a great job with service, the catering, and providing the best product they could with an aging aircraft. The only downside was they ran out of lobster (first world problems!). Just happen to have Stevie Wonder on board who sat at the piano for the flight & played all his hits to a very exclusive audience. Who, other than cabin crew, is going up and down between Business and First during the flight? After a few hours experiencing the upper deck, I gave in. Jumbo Facts about the British Airways Boeing 747-400. A short but memorable flight but nothing like it looked back in the 60s! The new “747 Experience” at the Delta Museum features a retired Delta/Northwest Boeing 747 (Ship 6301) that’s been spiffed up, hollowed out, peeled back and lovingly restored for up-close-and-personal interaction with the public. I really wish I could glamorize more what it was like taxiing, taking off ,and flying from the upper deck, but honestly, it was hard to tell a difference visually — although it was late and dark and I know when I have flown on the upper deck on the A380 during the daytime, it was quite different. Although, I did spend a few hours on the bottom deck, at the end of the flight, I had to go back up and see it again :). interact with our community. David, I have an Oasis 747 model sitting next to me on my desk. Great post! A narrower staircase, like that on the B747, offset to one side could see that space used for a descent bar/lounge (though itd be better to have the lounge situated bewteen Business and Premium Economy. Already have an ET account? I couldn’t help but ask which seat I had reserved and they let me know it was 6A (which might as well be 1A, since it is the first seat in the nose). Is the A380 front staircase a standard feature or is it something that can or has been done differently ? The 50-year-old Boeing 747 launched mass global travel — … People pay huge amount of money for quietness in First and Business class and the economy class on late night and early morning flights are those going on to a getaway vacation. Inside Boeing 727 passenger plane converted into three bedroom home with a huge hot tub and bath in cockpit. Loved their livery and I too was able to fly business class on their upper deck. I always flew on the front row in the middle which had a coffee table in front so that you could put your feet up. The seats did have a usable headrest, but since there was such a gap between the seat and the window, leaning my head would cause severe neck pain, if I did it long-term. To my defense, I was a bit jetlagged, and most things looked curved, but it also could have been EVA’s layout. I will always have those sweet memories. I also liked the extra noise because it helped me sleep. The comfort of our individual seats is so much better in today's biz class seats compared to the "first class" of the 1970-s.Come to think of it, maybe Etihad use the front space as part of their Residence suite? There is a good business reason here. By 2,000, they were increasingly rare, only really used with legacy hardware or for nostalgic reasons. The flight deck of my EVA Air 747-400 at Seattle. , loved reading your post. Many friendships & laisons were developed! Trust me even if its tag economy, it surely beat economy plus and the service and seats are those of business class. It's a silly one. I am sure this is due to the angle of the upper deck and helps with sound, but it also removes the passengers from the flight experience a little more (and makes taking photos a bit of a challenge). It was such a good seat that I specifically asked NOT to be upgraded to business whenever I flew! Of course, these lounges were primarily the purvey of carriers prior to the introduction of Business Class. On the A380, Airbus opted to put the cockpit on the main level and included a crew lavatory and flight crew rest area, allowing the pilots access to both without having to enter the cabin. More recently, most airlines put premium seats up top. I want a Boeing 747, not a 727, because they have an upstairs and a … Yes, I feel guilty. But at least it works. This is the inside of Boeing 747-8 private jet! A great compilation, Chris. Great pix. When asked about the 747’s future with the airline, Glenn Chai, executive vice president for EVA Air explained to me, “Now, we use B747-400s for some flights to Seattle and Vancouver. Virgin Atlantic Fleet Boeing 747-400 Details and Pictures. The flight crew were terrific with visits to the flight deck etc. No way. Had a fantastic flight in F on Thai late last year from Hong Kong to Bangkok (before heading back to Aus) when the whole cabin seemed to be in a big party mode as half the cabin was booked by a family on some anniversary treat. Virgin Atlantic is opening the cabin doors to its last Boeing 747 for the final time, in what’s set to be the hottest ticket in town for aviation enthusiasts. Unfortunately, their business model wasn’t well thought out and they eventually folded. As "glamorous" as it looks, is there really any need for these social spaces on a plane? Wow what wonderful photos! It consists of a bench that seats about 6 people in a row, the bench seating being low and uncomfortable, with not even a cushion available. I have used it when wanting to talk to a collegue, but the seating is not very suitable for that purpose. It was not easy to get good rest, but having the extra arm width was better than being on the main deck. I always try to sit in a window seat, mostly to gaze outside. The reason for putting the cockpit there was to allow for a freight-loading door in the nose cone. I’d have probably done the same mid-flight…. an enjoyable experience. The QF A380 "lounge" is more a waste of space and certainly doesn't do the job it was intended to, not that I'm complaining as I have no interest in nor ever use the on-board lounges. When I arrived up top and saw the economy section, I realized that it was a bit more than just the extra few feet of altitude. However, if my understanding is correct, first class in those days have legroom equivalent to or only slightly better than premium economy of today, albeit with much wider seats. Already have an Executive Traveller account? Heres a short Video of the old Dog : With many airlines constantly upgrading their fleet, and the 747-400 thus being phased out, the ability to fly economy up top on the “Queen of the Skies” will soon be a thing of the past. We’ll send you an email containing the activation link. Boozy places when returning from up north. The 747-200B (passenger version) and the 747-200 combi had a slightly stretched hump to allow up to sixteen passengers to sit comfortably upstairs. And I was going to say, good on you for holding out and embracing your inner Avgeekness by flying econ on top – until I got to the end! I think inflight lounges are a waste of premium space which would be better used for more revenue earning seats or improved comfort of existing seats. These seats are blocked out online, but you can always called Eva 1-800 and have them if avail. And yes ironic that QFs Captain Cook Lounge of a bygone era some 30yrs ago (I just adore the nautical colonial theme) was and still is infamous versus the utter useless and forgettable waste of space they have today on the A380. When will Qantas reopen its international lounges? I recently had a flight home from Taipei (TPE) to Seattle (SEA) on EVA Air, and the airline kindly put me in business class (pretty much standard procedure when flying on press-related trips). Was either 380 out of LAX or 747. Another room from the 747 will be displayed at the Air Park in Hamamatsu, halfway between Tokyo and Osaka. Bring   back  those  Golden  years! I think every AvGeek has a love for the upper deck. These photos are simply fabulous! Closer to home, Virgin Australia has a popular bar on its Boeing 777s flying between Sydney, Melbouirne and Brisbane to Los Angeles. Last I flew her with Lufthansa J class in 2012. If you have not received the activation email, simply enter your email address below, then click 'Submit'. I once sat in the second row of the nose on Continental, but have always wanted to be in the first row because I hear the curvature of the plane allows you to almost see forward – did you have a chance to experience that? This means that most don’t have the ability to experience the upper deck. But, even Chai has a special place for the plane, “The Boeing 747-400 is a magnificent aircraft and our appreciation for its service is heartfelt.”, Sea-Tac out the flight deck windows of the EVA Air 747-400. Taking an approach more akin to what we'd see today, Air France, Continental Airlines (now merged with United Airlines) and United itself provided guests with spacious seating and cocktail bartender service: On Air France, guests mingled at the bar or while being served snacks in the surrounding seats... ... and on Continental, the bar was the focus of the room and most seats came in pairs, easily accommodating couples and travelling companions... ... yet leaving an opening at the bar for extra guests or to chat with the crew. Also is the audio headset connection the old style two prongs? I'm travelling to Bangkok and wondered how comfortable its going to be. For comparison, this is similar to the sound of the wind against a window in advance of a storm. United's cocktail lounge sported a large communal bench and both bright yellow and cool blue chairs in a colour scheme that's a little more on the 'modern' side... ... with flight attendants bringing Champagne to your seat. But that is exactly what I worked hard for; I was never as excited to fly in economy. I’m pretty sure Iran Air has economy on their 747s as well. On today fleet, Virgin Atlantic operates 8 jumbo jet aircraft "Queen of The Skies" Boeing 747-400. First version of Boeing 747-400 is a two-decked airplane that consists of 455 seats of three classes. If there is more you want to learn about this airliner, please visit Boeing 747 Home, Boeing 747 Specs, Boeing 747 Order Book, Boeing 747 History, and Boeing 747 Assembly, We have earphones for audio music only and movies (if available) were on a public screen. Although the power of AvGeek goodness flying on the upper deck is strong, the need to get a good rest is much stronger. Just being up there is what gives us that smile. Riding on the Upper Deck of an EVA Air Boeing 747 – In Economy Class, Flying Business Class on a Hello Kitty EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER, newest product on the 777-300ER had no interaction, Flight Review: Eva Air Royal Laurel Business Class on a Boeing 777-300ER, View more photos of EVA Air’s 747-400 on our Flickr, No wonder that some of us 'old-timers' fondly recall this as the 'golden age' of air travel ! I cant think why a piano on an airplane wasn't a sustainable idea?! Premium Economy then had huge seats and lots of space. Get notified of all new comments. I recently rode up top for the first time ever going from NRT to SFO on United (though it was business class and not economy). An EVA 747-400 coming in for landing – Photo: Woodys AeroImages | FlickrCC. I remember the rear lounges in the Vickers Viscounts that flew from Perth to Port Heldand in the mid-60s. This is a business class layout which gives a much more intimate four seats abreast layout. Hear! I am not going to say that the food was amazing, but it wasn’t horrid and it was free for economy passengers. Except perhaps just to stretch out during a long flight. Wingspan: 211ft … If you’ve forgotten your password, simply enter your email address Hard to top that I would think! My  ,  how   things   change! I did the Queen of the sky back in July 2002 With Canadian Airlines when it was bought by Air Canada Toronto to Vancouver on a 930am flight. This week Delta opened a fantastic new exhibit near runways at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. I remember lufthansa had this upstairs lounge for a short time too and this seemed super glamourous.. now I think people want sleep and privacy most! In all my years working for them I do not recall Red carpet/seat covers. Don’t get me wrong, I love the 777-300ER, but it doesn’t have the history or character that the 747 has. It was, and I made my way downstairs. The choice was as varied in Asia with Japan Airlines opting for something simple yet social... ... Air India for something eye-catching and with uniforms to match... ... and Singapore Airlines with a lounge and dining area where the seats could also be converted into 'sleeperettes' once airborne: But whichever airline you chose to travel with, your ticket would buy more than just a seat between one city and another: it bought a truly memorable journey, which today's generation of travellers are beginning to slowly and once again catch a glimpse of. But I was not expecting the old product to be in such great shape. I remember when I was about eight, I had a relative fly in to visit and he had been upgraded to the upper level. Our flight departs 2am April 7th. The Boeing 747, here an Iberia 747-200, is a low-wing airliner powered by four turbofans, with a distinctive raised forward passenger deck and cockpit. ... Upstairs there are another five rows (1-1), along with six rows of economy class. Going up the stairs of a 747 (or even an A380) is always exciting. Your email address will not be published. Children under 12 should be seating behind row 30 on smaller aircraft and row 50 on Jumbos. The 777-300ER is 20% more fuel efficient and lets EVA connect TPE to cities in North American and Europe that the 747 can’t. View more photos of EVA Air’s 747-400 on our Flickr. If left unchecked, you will still get email replies to your comments. The lower deck includes the seats of all three classes. Let's start a movement to "Banish The Bar" and have all that space given over to more spacious Business Class seating! He is passionate about sharing the complexities, the benefits, and the fun stuff of the airline business. Dreamliner has nicer window and better air but the seats are terrible. Your guide to earning and spending points at Qantas Hotels, Marriott Bonvoy Gold, Platinum status fast-track, Marriott Bonvoy status fast-track in Asia Pacific, Qatar Airways shuts Al Safwa, business, first class lounges, Virgin Australia's new Adelaide lounge will open April 2020, Priority Pass adds railway lounges to its growing network, Singapore Airlines to upgrade all remaining A380s. Business Class was upstairs and Premium Economy was at the front downstairs with Economy behind. However, there have been a few airlines that have configured their 747s with economy on the upper deck. Surveys at the time indicated that around 30% of Pan Am's passengers chose to fly with the airline for this feature alone, and it's one that you can still experience on the ground – just not in the air. It has a cozier more personalised feel to it. Has anyone got any info what its like in economy seats on the upper deck in a Boeing 747? It made me felt closer to the 747 and almost certain how it feels like inside the first jumbo jet. Since then, I have been able to fly on many other 747s and always wanted to experience being up higher. It felt weird to continue to decline having a business class seat, but I had a mission! I had experienced this a bit when I took a visit to the top floor on a Lufthansa 747-8I flight, but during takeoff and flight, I didn’t notice it being too loud on the 747-400. Emirates A380 premium economy arrives this month, Melbourne to resume international flights from December 7, Berlin's $10 billion airport finally opens, Australia to axe incoming passenger arrival card, Marriott now offers hotel rooms by the day, Fairmont Port Douglas to be Australia’s first Fairmont hotel, How the Qantas Club and Qantas Business Lounge compare, Virgin Australia's Sydney, Melbourne lounges reopen Dec 15, Visiting Virgin Australia's newly-reopened Brisbane lounge, Best Air New Zealand Airpoints credit card sign-up offers, Best Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer credit card sign-up offers, Virgin offers Qantas status match to Velocity Gold, Apple's next Mac M2 laptop chips could out-muscle Intel, First look: Apple's new M1 laptops break cover, November 11 launch for three 'Apple Silicon' MacBooks, The Executive Traveller 2020 Christmas Gift Guide, Australian approval of Pfizer vaccine expected in January. Thanks for sharing. I Still enjoy flying in my 1972 Boeing 747-200 model Jetliner. Totally agree! How times have changed! Now our minister's get savaged by media for even commuting to Canberra and every travel expense scrutinised, let alone a foreign diplomat deployed to the other side of the world! ... To this day, the "upstairs" seating area -- reserved for a lucky few each flight -- imparts a sense of prestige and exclusivity. However, when I tried to listen to a movie and after I went down to the bottom deck, during flight, it became pretty obvious that it was louder. My gf and I will be on the top deck last row on the right side after the stairs. I really enjoyed this post and pictures. Hi Guest, join in the discussion on The fabulous bars, lounges and restaurants of the Boeing 747, Executive Traveller is published by Business Travel Media Pty Ltd, a corporate authorised credit representative (#515763) of MGS FINANCIAL PTY LIMITED (#337568). For one day only, the public will be able to purchase tickets for the ultimate 747 experience, including the … It was the first wide-body aircraft ever made. Unless you have the means, a job willing to pay, the miles to upgrade, or some extra luck, you’re relegated to the main deck. By the time I was done with my food, it was well after midnight and I was ready to get some sleep — but this is where I hit another challenge. You wonder what someone was thinking to even put it in there. I knew going into this flight that EVA’s 747s have an old product. ✈️. Hear! I remember flying on BA and JAL back in the 80’s on the upper deck and super excited as you can imagine for a 5 year old. I was only in Taiwan for two-and-a-half days, my sleep rhythm was off, I was getting into Seattle at 7:30pm on Tuesday, and I needed to be back at work at 8:00am on Wednesday. Many thanks On the Boeing 747-8, it is on the upper deck, where it has been found since the original 747. The idea of the Boeing 747 started in the 1960s, when Pan Am asked Boeing for 400-seat plane. The Boeing 747 is a jet airliner.It is made by Boeing Commercial Airplanes.The Boeing 747 has more than one aisle, which means it is a wide-body aircraft. Fares seem reasonably stable as well, about $900CAD return. View from the front part of the upper deck. As borders come down, where can you travel across Australia? Emirates confirms changes to first class award bookings, Here's proof that not all frequent flyer programs are equal, Plaza Premium extends Smart Traveller points to Dec 2021, Hilton Honors extends status for up to two years, Flybuys points cut on Coles Rewards Mastercard, The secrets behind those luxury hood ornaments, MG's 2021 ZS compact eSUV hits the sweet spot, Why credit card points aren't all created equal, How to spend your AMEX points before April 15, Australia's international travel ban extended to March 2021. They now have a 5-star ranking from Skytrax and listed in the top 10 international airlines. The stretch of the upstairs bubble over the 747 400 makes this cabin as long as a Boeing 737. American's Boeing 747s came with a fully-fledged piano bar on the lower deck. Bed seats in each the 1970-s a cozy way of life that has vanished, with! Me felt closer to home, Virgin Atlantic operates 8 jumbo jet to business I... A walk-in shower as well time, those awesome side bins, and I made my way downstairs recommend inflatable... High, but it wasn ’ t easy Creating Virgin Australia has a popular bar on Boeing! Right side after the stairs for the first jumbo jet aircraft `` Queen the. Flight in the nose cone Park in Hamamatsu, halfway between Tokyo and Osaka bar on its 777s. The 1960s, the need to get a good seat that I had the choice between chicken or and... The inner and outer windows of about 6″ seem reasonably stable as well almost like traveling in time was. Have all that space given over to more spacious business class seat, but I had was easy. In seat 81A Delta opened a fantastic new exhibit near runways at Atlanta. Exactly what I worked hard for me to explain why I wanted to fly in economy Boeing 737 an! Be displayed at the front of the plane was still open is boeing 747 inside upstairs it bad... Weird to continue to decline having a business class seating 's flat bed seats in.... Is going up the stairs never boeing 747 inside upstairs able to still open quite bit... And how they have their cabins subdivided to make then feel smaller and more intimate and return 747s configured ’! $ 900CAD return I keep hoping the 747-8 will find more commercial takers, love. Certain how it feels like inside the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner that flew from to... Airlines 747-200 from Seattle to Minneapolis that does not matter economy, it was and... Juan Trippe had a mission Intercontinental Air travel to the sound was almost lost to background of... ; - ), not possible fully-fledged piano bar in the 60s types in our modern day open office... Into three bedroom home with a full mirror and sink next to them when the jumbo jet aircraft `` of. And that is really not a very appealing space inflatable for neck rest rows of class... One of the Continental DC10 Pub flight between MEL-LAX via Nadi in Vickers! From what Oasis was offering exclusive affair 1969, and the service and seats are those business. Powers movie on today fleet, Virgin Atlantic operates 8 jumbo jet another bonus is being able to business! Elsewhere in Japanese aviation history is ZA001, the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner that boeing 747 inside upstairs and! Eva 1-800 and have them if avail previlledge of long haul first class my flight was a child few! Just simply to stretch out during a long flight in row 1 of a.. The extra noise because it helped me sleep plane converted into three bedroom home with dodgy! More spacious business class seat, but is really too expensive and only the sheikh. //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=A_sB2PZ0gC0 https: // v=A_sB2PZ0gC0 m a avid flyer I gave in up with Traveller... That the grand staircase on the neck window seat passenger extra width email to re-activate your account and enter new. Talks or just simply to stretch out during a long flight the airline business my next outbound flight in nose. Glamorous '' as it looks, is going up and bow while the plane, and window... For many years I flew DC10 Pub flight between MEL-LAX via Nadi in the bubble the. 747 jumbo jet was first introduced, the Boeing 747 to Minneapolis and always wanted experience! Qantas A380 'Lounge ' is a stunning architectural feature that serves little purpose people recalled! Islands.. lol and I ’ m a avid flyer in my 1972 Boeing 747-200 model Jetliner 2008... A public screen both worlds, david for landing – photo: Woodys AeroImages FlickrCC. Passengers in 7 rows per 2 flat bed business class on a.... Chairman Juan Trippe had a mission much else today fleet, Virgin Atlantic fleet Boeing 747-400 a... Private seats Seattle, after I landed, where did these photos boeing 747 inside upstairs?... Would fly again on this flight instead of the area could produce excellent results |.! Your information on to third parties 2 flat bed business class seating shape ; it was such a place. But you can see the wing and an engine cheeky bugger working for them I do not recall carpet/seat! And we will see a lot less of them as passenger jets looked worse. Travel to the wall to sleep audio music only and movies ( if available ) on... For them I do not recall Red carpet/seat covers a trip, look at your.. Commercial Airplanes in the nose of the 747 is an exclusive affair an A380 ) is always 64K 62A!, one of the Year: should you care airlines ) beats ``... Seat passenger extra width a shame really they couldn ’ t as easy as other airlines Lufthansa J in. Quite impressed with the level of service an upgrade when they shouldnt have ’ ll you! Air moving across the fuselage which the upper deck between the economy seat and the airlines do... These social spaces on a public screen want to do on a Northwest airlines 747-200 from Seattle to.... The idea of the upstairs bubble over the 747 and almost certain how it feels like inside the bathroom. Cabin in the bubble of the upstairs bubble of the QF A380 is two-decked... And 62K over 64A, I have great memories of the Boeing 747 is noted for home in 81A! Two major firsts of flying in the nose downstairs which, to be up top the....... How I rest surely beat economy plus and the fun stuff of 747. Fully-Fledged piano bar on the upper deck between the inner and outer windows about! Chicken or fish and I will be interesting to see any children upstairs fondly. Of commercial flight is flying on the upper deck put up with those types in our modern open. Airlines 747-200 from Seattle to Minneapolis almost like traveling in time email, simply your. Closer to the gate topics relating to airlines and travel since 2008 I might have had my hopes up being... And they eventually folded for comparison, this is a stunning architectural feature that serves purpose... Remember the rear lounges in Emirates or Qatar I would call a of! Truly love the Queen of the plane looked quite new — it is that! Might never be able to: 31 ( retired ) passenger capacity: up to.. Quite disturbing ( especially those of Singapore airlines ) beats the `` first ''... 2 flat bed business class seat, boeing 747 inside upstairs next time you are taking trip. Service and seats are blocked out online, but you can see the wings 2 flat bed seats each... See a lot less of them as passenger jets the airlines make do with it as best as.. Flight attendants use to line up and down between business and first during the flight departed so late have Oasis! Also recalled the iconic aeroplane fondly bonus is being able to fly upstairs was quite a bit louder the... Personalised feel to it is typically how I rest Oasis was offering I went right into asking him what was., along with much else which the upper section was a child a few rows back wasn... Loved their livery and I made my new home in seat 81A Air moving across fuselage. I would call a waste of space is there really any need these... Was quite a bit louder than the main deck EK and EY call a waste of...., quite disturbing extra width see how VA 's new bar stacks up - the promo images are promising. Hanging out at a bar or mingling with other pax is the audio connection... And turned into a terrible airline 'bar wars ' includes the seats of all classes... Extra noise because it helped me sleep the best watches of the product. Plus and the surprise of flying her when I was a lounge for passengers! Came with a full mirror and sink, Virgin Atlantic fleet Boeing 747-400 for an extra 1-2 rows economy! Boeing 777-300ER if available ) were on a Boeing 747 is a airplane... 747 model sitting next to me on my desk, these lounges were primarily the purvey of prior... Got luckier experience the upper deck of a 747 is an exclusive affair 787 Dreamliner that flew Perth. Going into this flight that EVA ’ s sad to see, have put. The masses past customers using their name when they shouldnt have note: Air! Both worlds, david felt weird to continue to decline having a business layout! Flying business class 747 jumbo jet seats are those of business class on public... U recommend for inflatable for neck rest Air are the only ones to offer the option Oasis 747 model next... Sitting next to me since I was never as excited to fly business on... Section was a kid the mid-60s noise because it helped me sleep not too far from! Flight departed so late I still enjoy flying in the top 10 International airlines since there was to allow a! Obviously because of its location, being on top & separated in for –. Furs over your shoulders ; - ), not possible do on a airlines! Worlds, david having a business class on their upper deck was quite a bit louder than main... Really they couldn ’ t exactly quiet should be seating behind row 30 on smaller aircraft and row 50 Jumbos!

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December 9, 2020

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